Philip Hüffeldt is based in the biggest “mountain town” he could find, Denver, Colorado. He spends his free time out in Nature or voraciously consuming the latest shows, films, or books. He and his dog, Winston, are always up for a skiing adventure, a surf trip, or some sort of hunter/gatherer foray as he is an avid hunter and angler.

Professionally, Philip is first and foremost, an advocate for the environment, for vulnerable people, and threatened places around the world. He spent the better part of the last decade working on the front lines managing various environmental groups and political campaigns across the country. His experience includes community organizing for recycling issues in Texas, field work on the Obama campaign, and directing a group called Snowriders International, a group of skiers and boarders fighting climate change and protecting mountains around the world. Campaigning on these issues has taken him coast to coast in the US and as far away as the United Nations Paris Climate Talks and Antarctica.

Creatively, Philip is no stranger to telling great stories and beautiful, wild expression. He believes that through stories we can connect people to different points of view, see unseen worlds, and create a healthier more peaceful planet through film, writing, photography, and art. This is what WHC is all about – wild expression and beautiful stories - with a mission. He hopes you’ll join us!

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Photography by Philip Hüffeldt (Iceberg shot courtesy of Paul Oelerich and hunting shots courtesy of Oliver Rogers).