Yes, it’s Election Day here in the US. You’ve got until 7 PM local time to vote and here’s why I think you should, and why you should #VoteTheOutdoors and vote for diversity. 

Democracy and freedom define us as Americans and our public lands are the ultimate symbol of those ideals. As America’s greatest idea, our democratically enshrined public lands provide the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors whether it be skiing, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, hiking, or simply taking in the views (in person or in our favorite film or show). 

This election, each and every vote will help ensure that the roots of our democracy and the forests of our outdoor playgrounds remain vibrant and strong. It will ensure that your favorite stream, your favorite peak, your favorite vista, remain yours to enjoy or discover or even dream about. Public lands provide water for millions from snowmelt on our highest peaks, to the air we breathe, to the soul of the American dream. I invite you to join me in voting for the outdoors and candidates like Jared Polis (CO gubernatorial candidate, pictured with me below) that support our public lands ensuring that we keep America’s greatest idea safe from special interests, short-sighted greed, and climate change. 

Also, vote for candidates that won’t forget that diversity, whether it be racial, or cultural, or biological, is our greatest strength. As we work to protect the outdoors, we must include marginalized voices at the table if we hope to even attempt to rectify past and current injustice and discrimination or be ready for the diversity that is our future, outdoors or otherwise. If you look back far enough, we are a nation of immigrants, or descendants of immigrants, who came here by prehistoric ice/land bridge, deserts, mountains, and oceans, in different stages of history for various reasons, a history as deep as the deepest backcountry snowdrift. So, let’s celebrate that and vote for a diverse and vibrant future.

This link from Outdoor Magazine can help you find the candidates that aren’t just giving lip service to the outdoors and public lands. 

PS Poles close at 7 pm local time across the country. If you have a mail in ballot, drop it off at a ballot box, as it’s too late to mail it! You can still register in a lot of states. Simply look up your secretary of state’s website. is another good resource. I’m happy to help you figure out where to vote, just drop me a line.

Thank you all. Vote the Outdoors!

Kind regards,

Phil Huffeldt
Founder of Wool Hat Creative


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