I’m very excited to announce that our film Human-Power: The Backcountry Snowsports Initiative is now live online!

The film was made in partnership with the Colorado Mountain Club and has delivered a conservation and advocacy message to well over 100 enthusiastic live audiences around the world with the Backcountry Film Festival. 

Please enjoy!

“In this upbeat, Sunday morning op-ed of a short film we learn about the human-powered recreation advocacy organization, the Backcountry Snowsports Initiative (BSI), and their annual hut trip near Leadville, Colorado where they host a variety of stakeholders to ski, cook, talk about winter recreation policy.”

Short on time? Visit the film page for shorter 3.5 and 1.5-minute versions.

I’m especially proud to say that I personally shot and edited this film facing literal blood, sweat, and tears. The process required me to skin up (ski uphill) carrying all of my film and backcountry ski gear up above 11,000 ft., to shoot over three days, and spend even more weeks in the editing cave. Everyone involved had to climb literal and figurative mountains and we all agree, it was worth it!

Click here to see all the final screenings and maybe catch one in London (TBD) or Melbourne on April 30.

Thank you,

Phil Hüffeldt, Founder
Wool Hat Creative