Wool Hat Creative, or WHC, is a company dedicated to wild expression and beautiful stories through film, writing, photography, and art with the added mission of protecting where we play outdoors and making the world a better place. As we create, we follow the Wool Hat Principle where we put on our thinking caps, incubate great ideas, and then release them into the wild only after they pass the test of our ice-cold determination and mission. We have also begun to delve into the world of scripted narrative films, comedy, and more constructed stories because sometimes you just need a laugh or to be entertained.

Services include:

  • Film and video work- directing, writing, editing, producing, outdoor guide, or on-screen talent

    • Videos/film: Promotional, events, documentary/adventure, narrative, and comedy

    • Live streams: we can live stream to Facebook, Youtube, or a RMTP.

  • Photography

    • Adventures, events, or individual shoots

  • Creative Direction/Marketing

    • Unified crafting of story and message to tell your story in the best artistic medium possible

  • Writing

    • Media outreach, copy/messaging, personal narrative/essay, blogging, editorial, and creative writing

  • Industry/Campaign Consulting

    • Veteran aid in navigating and growing into the outdoor recreation industry, especially the environmental non-profit world

    • Environmental/political campaign leadership/strategy guidance

We are based in Denver, Colorado, but work all over the world.

Please drop us a line if you'd like to:

  • Learn more

  • Pitch new story/project ideas and collaborations

  • Get general, strategic, and creative consulting on your organization and/or campaigns

  • Or just can't wait to work with us!

Photography by Philip Hüffeldt.

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